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Before running our demo importer please make sure:

  • You are running a fresh WordPress Installation
  • No Plugins are installed
  • Visit “Server Health” page and make sure all server listed server configurations are at least marked green. We highly recommend making sure these settings are adjusted properly, not just for demo installer purposes even for the later site speed etc. It will prevent issue you might run into especially with large scale websites which are growing over the time, such as stores.

Once you installed the theme by following the Installation Instructions here you need to install all required plugins. This usually happens by using the Theme Dashboard. Again please install all plugins listed. If theme and plugins are set up you can run the demo importer simply by clicking on the preview image.  There are no further steps needed at this point and you’ll get notified once the importer has finished its job.

Our demo importer does not import preview images we used in our demo, except images from authors who allow such an image bundling. But in 98% the importer swaps the images with placeholder images. If you are interested in buying images we used please get in touch with us and we will forward you to the stock site where we bought the image license from.